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Blanche A. Drayton-Robinson, a native South Carolinian, is the daughter of the late Rev. Fred Drayton, Sr. and the late Richardine Drayton, and is the tenth of eleven children. She’s the wife of Douglas Robinson and mother of their three children, Jamal, Sharif and Cookie. She’s proud to be the grandmother of five grandchildren, Amya, Amir, Eli, Nina, Caden. She thanks God for their mothers, Mimi and Kithia.

Her top priority is to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which she has been doing for most of her life, but with more dedicated passion and service the past 37 years, being empowered by the Holy Spirit. She’s an innovator of Christian programs and looks for opportunities to bring glory to God the Father in unusual ways. She has an extreme desire to see the lost come to the saving grace of Jesus Christ. She and her husband, with their own financial resources, have put together programs to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His love.

She Pastored Generation Of Faith Y.O.U.T.H. Ministries in Buffalo, N.Y. for six years, along with husband Douglas. Their mission to reach the lost and hurting has now evolved into a 501c3 nonprofit, God’s For You. She teaches a weekly Facebook Live broadcast, Live @ 5!, to encourage believers to keep the faith.

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How Not To Backslide: In 30 Days Or Less

"This is an eye opening knowledgeable reading experience indeed...I recommend reading it and using it as a spiritual tool."

"This book changed my life! I was so inspired after reading this book! You walk away a new sense of character and hope."

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